Timeline of Antwerp’s Commercial Renaissance

  • 1481: Early Printing Press

    Matthew Van der Goes establishes Antwerp’s first printing press.

  • 1491: First Printed Advertisements

    Belgium’s first illustrated advertisements were printed in Antwerp 1491. This illustration was an advertisement for Belgium itself featuring significant Belgian figures, and artistically comparing the country to a lion to demonstrate strength and nobility.

  • 1518: Cathedral of Our Lady – Antwerp

    A drawing of the original proposed design of the High Gothic cathedral before the failure of the right tower – drawing completed in 1649

  • 1572: Antwerp Plan

    The open space flanked by two massive buildings in the center of the map is the Grote Markt flanked by the City Hall and Cathedral of Our Lady.

  • 1576: Sack of Antwerp

    A drawing of the Sack of Antwerp attack on the city in 1576

  • 1615: St. Charles Borromeo Church of Antwerp

    This early 17th century Romanesque church stands as an example of how the Romanesque style overtook the uniquely Gothic infused Northern Renaissance Style employed by late 16th century buildings like Antwerp City Hall.

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